WeCare tlc now offers telehealth services at all health center locations

| December 16, 2019

WeCare tlc now offers telehealth services at all health center locations

Learn how this new healthcare technology is helping our clients and their employees

We are excited to announce the first in a series of new products and services available for clients:

As part of our commitment to change the way healthcare is delivered in the United States, telehealth services are now available in all of our health center locations across the country!

Why does telehealth work?

We know that when we bring the patients into the health center their health outcomes are better. We have seen this time and time again in our data. What we do works!

The question then becomes: How can we do it more? How can we reach people in different ways? How can we be available to quickly triage an urgent patient need, potentially avoiding an urgent care or emergency room visit?

Our goal is to help our clients further leverage their health centers to increase access to their members. We took on board their feedback, studied trends within our book of business and in the healthcare industry. We met extensively with numerous vendors, spent many hours evaluating, and contemplating the potential value each service could bring to the primary care services already provided in our clients’ health centers.

Before taking the decision to add telehealth services to client health centers, we asked questions such as:

  • Does this service work with our Electronic Medical Record in order to maintain a patient-centric approach?
  • How can we still incorporate the existing health center clinicians to greater maximize the activities of each team member?
  • How do we do that and still maintain the highest quality patient experience?

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Introducing our new telehealth services

We are proud to now offer telehealth services to all our clients, in the form of a HIPAA-complaint virtual visit platform. Patients will be able to privately message, call and video chat with their health center team. All correspondence will be associated with their patient record, and all activity is tracked and will be reportable.

“Being in alignment with our purpose to change how healthcare is delivered in the United States, we have the unique opportunity to focus solely on increasing the health of entire communities across the country. It is this purpose and focus that drives each and every one of our business decisions.”

— Raegan Le Douaron, Chief of Business Acquisition

What’s coming next?

The addition of telehealth services to all WeCare tlc health center locations is the first of several new products and services coming soon for clients.

We have compiled a new suite of offerings specifically geared to further engage patients in managing their health. We look forward to sharing more announcements soon.

For more information on how telehealth can help your employees and their health outcomes, contact us today!