Advanced primary care for a healthier community

Lead organizations can help improve the lives of their workforce while managing medical risks by offering accessible advanced primary care.

WeCare tlc is here to help you make it happen. We are a leader in the implementation and management of onsite and near site advanced primary care health centers around the country. We provide significant cost savings with the highest quality care while restoring the doctor-patient relationship.

What is
advanced primary care?

Advanced primary care is a health care practice that’s focused on providing high-quality care to patients through greater accessibility, better doctor-patient relationships, referral management, disciplined focus on health improvement, and a more patient-centered experience and outcomes.

Convenient advanced primary care
where and when it's needed

How we're helping employers
keep their workforces and communities healthy

With the right advanced primary care strategies in place, employers can optimize the
delivery of care to their workforce to drive value and improve health outcomes.

Supporting employee wellness

Employers can succeed in this changing healthcare landscape by ensuring that their primary care solutions provide workers access to tools and programs that support both their physical and mental health.

Creating continuity of care

Employers are facing the increasingly common challenge of providing care to dispersed employee populations which can be solved with a new approach to primary care through partnerships with direct primary care (DPC) practices.

Tackling rising health care costs

By ensuring that primary care solutions help employees identify health issues and manage chronic conditions, companies can efficiently lower and control their healthcare costs.

What are the benefits
of our employer-sponsored advanced
primary care health center?

Primary Care

• Personalized approach
• Preventive & coordinated care
• Ongoing monitoring and support


• Prescription pick-up
• Provider dispensing
• Convenience, quality and cost savings


• Virtual access to the healthcare team you know and trust
• Simple to use, state of the art technology
• Secure remote access to protect your personal information

Connected Care

• Build the bridge between your primary care doctor and specialists
• Referral matching and follow-up
• Convenient diagnostic imaging services

Behavioral Health

• Identify and treat anxiety, depression, and substance abuse
• Connect the dots between emotional and physical health
• Promoting meaningful change

Occupational Health

• Case management
• Injury and illness care
• Healthcare at work strategies


• Nutrition & health coaching
• Wellness management
• Vaccination administration

How employers and healthcare providers
fill advanced primary care gaps

As a business owner, CEO or healthcare provider, you have the power to keep not only your
employees, but also your community healthy.

Easy access and convenience

By making sure your health and wellness center is in a nearby, convenient location, your workforce will have easy access to care. If employees need care outside clinic hours, our telemedicine services can help provide a quick and convenient treatment when paired properly with traditional care.


Real interaction

Healthcare is a very personal aspect of our lives which is why a strong relationship between the patient and their doctor should be the foundation of care. The more doctors learn about their patients and their history, the quicker they can recognize issues and offer solutions.


Cost-effective solutions

Healthcare can be extremely costly, especially when you only seek episodic care. However, employers and providers can work to offer quality advanced primary care that’s affordable for their employees and their families. Learn more on this article written by our CEO for Forbes.

Success Stories

As part of our mission to change the way healthcare is delivered in the United States, WeCare tlc
is committed to setting the standard for what is considered advanced primary care.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries practices what they preach by providing their employees with a value-aligned primary care medical home

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