Our Philosophy

Our Clinical Philosophy

WeCare tlc Clinical Philosophy

At WeCare tlc, we treat our staff as a team and operate in a way to maximize their safety as they work to achieve our mission of patient-centric care. We are an evidence-based, science-driven company which drives all of our clinical decision making as we identify problems, create solutions and act to improve patient care and outcomes. We are a great place for you to practice advanced primary care.

Why is WeCare tlc the employer of choice
for leading medical professionals?

Clinical quality

With a system that helps drive results, we proactively identify issues before they occur, minimize cost, and maximize outcomes. We balance compliance with customer service in our delivery of care. We take swift actions when an issue arises that are guided by safety and a high standard of ethics.



We are proactive, intentional, clear and consistent in our communication approach with our clinicians, corporate staff, and clients.


Patient engagement

We advocate for our patients health and wellness by caring, teaching, and going the extra mile to provide the highest quality advanced primary care services possible.

Client support and engagement

As the medical leaders for our client’s organizations, we are committed to communicating, bringing solutions, and advancing their organizations through proactive solutions.


Corporate office support

Our corporate office staff supports our health center teams to best perform their work and focus on taking care of their patients while we take care of operations by:
• Standardizing, developing, and offering training to ensure consistency of adoption amongst all clinicians and patients
• Developing protocols per position
• Tracking successes and outcomes
• Measuring results and implementing strategies.

Training support

We assess, mentor, and provide adequate resources to our health center staff to ensure the clinical excellence and growth of our employees.


Community integration and support

We ensure complete access to holistic health care by integrating health centers with local and health plan resources.