Providing comprehensive primary care in your community

Feel well and stay well with CommunityCare! As a direct primary care membership program available for communities across the nation, CommunityCare offers members convenient, affordable access to advanced primary care.

What is

With the increasingly common shortage of independent primary care physicians across the country, it’s becoming more difficult to find the health services you and your family need.

As a leading provider of advanced primary care solutions for companies to deliver to their employees, we see the challenges faced by the communities we serve—and we’re committed to help!

As part of our mission to change how healthcare is delivered in the United States, we created CommunityCare to open up select health and wellness centers to communities across the country.

Who can benefit
from CommunityCare?

With CommunityCare, staying healthy
has never been easier!

• Affordable access to quality primary care without the hassles of billing insurance plans.
• Same-day or next-day appointments with direct access to a physician regardless of insurance, pre-existing conditions, age, or illness.
• No co-pays and no deductibles: the fixed monthly fee covers 100% of primary care services.
• Conveniently located health and wellness center with operating hours to suit your schedule.
• Unlimited virtual access to health care resources.
• Continuity of care.

As a CommunityCare member, you’ll have access to:

• Acute Care & Episodic Services
• Chronic Disease Management
• Onsite Prescription Drug Dispensary
• Wellness/Prevention Services
• Health and Wellness Education & Counseling
• Integrated/Collaborative Care with Referral Management
• Virtual Visits & Online Patient Portal Access
• Non-emergent and Routine Tests & Labs
• Injections (with patient supplying medication)
• Select Pediatric Services

CommunityCare is available in select communities across the United States.

It’s simple to get started!

We’ve partnered with leading healthcare solutions provider Hint Health to make registering for CommunityCare straightforward and easy.

CommunityCare for small businesses
(with less than 50 employees)

As a small business owner, you want to take care of your team members.


CommunityCare is the ideal solution if you’d like to offer quality healthcare services to your employees, but you don’t have the budget for a full benefits package.


With CommunityCare, employers can reduce the stress on their workforce in finding quality primary care, and help them improve their health and quality of life.


To learn more, please contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions
about CommunityCare

What’s the idea behind CommunityCare?

As recent public health events continue to affect the entire nation, trends are showing a worrying decrease in access to primary care. Family medicine offices are closing and unable to service their patients. As the economy has declined, many people have been furloughed and left without health benefits. There is an intense need for a long-term solution to this healthcare problem—and we believe CommunityCare will be the answer for many individuals across the country.

How is CommunityCare different from a traditional primary care provider?

Through CommunityCare’s direct primary care membership program, you and your family have access to invaluable primary care services at one flat monthly rate, without the hassles of billing insurance plans.

How much does CommunityCare cost?

CommunityCare provides affordable access to quality primary care for your and your family. Costs may vary by location, so please check with your local health center.

Small business employers contact us should directly for pricing.

How do I find my nearest health center?

Please use this link Find your nearest health center to be able to find quality primary care in your area.