How it Works

How it Works

A better healthcare solution for you and your employees

A healthier workforce means increased productivity, improved recruitment and retention, reduced absenteeism, and a culture of valuing employee well-being that promotes a more enthusiastic, energized workplace.

Our advanced primary care health centers help businesses control rising healthcare costs by engaging employees and approaching their health from a long-term perspective. The medical teams work hard to gain patients’ trust, assuring they’re treated comprehensively, and with great care and concern. They are trained, certified professionals and medical doctors with high ethical standards and caring dispositions.

Our onboarding process

Learn how we analyze your needs, guide you to the ideal healthcare solution, and support you moving forward.


Our team comes in to discover the ins and outs of your current healthcare situation so we can make appropriate recommendations for your onsite or near site health center.


We will plan how to onboard your employees into our program by obtaining critical pieces of information, such as disability and health plan data.


Once a plan is in place for the rollout, we begin the implementation of important operations matters, including hiring your medical team and educating employees.


We’ll compile all critical information and share the instructions your employees will need to start accessing the highest quality of primary care while improving overall efficiencies.


Once your health center is up and running, our team will manage every aspect of your clinic to keep it operationally sound and in top-notch form.

Reduce employer healthcare costs
by 20% or more

Healthcare ROI does exist.

We’ll offer your workforce the same primary care services you pay for through your health plan, for less money. Through WeCare tlc’s onsite and near site health centers, you will pay less for doctor’s office visits, labs, x-rays, prescriptions drugs and more.

But there’s a second, more powerful way WeCare tlc saves you money — by changing wasteful health care practices. Because WeCare tlc is paid to manage the process rather than to deliver products and services, we focus on driving the right care at the right time. For example, by giving patients access to complete primary care consultations at one of our onsite or near site health clinics, we reduce the need for unnecessary or redundant specialist referrals and diagnostics. Through our fully-empowered primary care centers, our doctors and nurses can better manage medications, ensuring patients are on the right prescription drugs, which results in fewer hospitalizations.

In addition, after two or three years of using a WeCare tlc health center, employers will begin to see the costs of chronic diseases drop and their employees become healthier. Improvements like these will pay dividends for years to come and with WeCare tlc’s proprietary Clinical Analysis Toolkit (CAT), we will help you track your results and analyze your healthcare spend.

With rising healthcare costs, employee wellness is one of the most important issues of our time. Providing quality healthcare at work not only generates financial savings but also helps with attracting talent, improving employee retention, increasing productivity and a better overall quality of life for your employees and the community you serve.

Generate healthcare ROI through an employer-sponsored health center

Employers are searching for strategies to provide high-value employee health care while effectively managing their company’s health care cost trends and getting the greatest value from dollars invested. Forward-thinking employers are turning to employer-sponsored onsite and nearsite health centers as an innovative delivery mechanism to bring health care directly to their workforce, proactively manage costs, reduce absenteeism, and improve quality of care.

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