Onsite Health Centers

Delivering a better healthcare experience
for your employees

Empower your employees to take control of their health with convenient access to advanced primary care, while reducing healthcare costs for your business.

What is an onsite health center?

Healthcare costs are rising, but outcomes are getting worse. That’s why leading employers are turning to advanced primary care delivered at a location that couldn’t be more convenient.

With an onsite health center, your employees have immediate access to advanced primary care, laboratory services, wellness programs and medications—all at no cost to them.

As a leader in the implementation and management of onsite health centers around the country, WeCare tlc works with employers to provide quality, coordinated, patient-centric healthcare for their valued employees.

Why invest in simply smarter healthcare?

With an onsite health center, employers can enjoy these benefits:

Easier access to
quality care
Reduce the stress felt by your employees in finding quality primary care, while improving their health and quality of life, and eliminating their time wasted accessing care.
Investing in
Make a proactive investment in the health of your workforce and safety of your workplace by having a dedicated clinical team and by partnering with an expert who can identify emerging needs.
Commitment to
Differentiate your workplace by providing a comprehensive solution which responds to employees’ needs for convenience and immediate access to primary care services.
Better manage the cost impact of expanded access to virtual visits and telehealth services by delivering them with a team of trusted clinical staff.

We’re proud to help our clients provide higher value care while reducing their overall healthcare costs.

reduction in urgent care visits
reduction in emergency room visits
reduction in hospital bed days
reduction in health care costs
in claim costs savings

How employees benefit from your
investment in their health

For members, WeCare tlc onsite health centers offer:
  • The ultimate convenience in not having to travel to primary care appointments
  • Operating hours to suit their schedule
  • No-wait appointments
  • Care provided by the most qualified and trusted professionals with the highest ethical standards
  • Advanced primary care, telehealth, laboratory services, wellness programs and medications all available at no cost to members
  • Unlimited physician consultations
  • Referrals to specialists and imaging/radiology handled by the clinical team
  • Convenient online health management portal.
Onsite health center services include:
  • Physicals and wellness visits
  • Acute and urgent care
  • Chronic care management
  • Disease management
  • Care coordination
  • Referral management
  • Medications supplied by the onsite dispensary.
"Every time I come in y'all are so good to me and treat me like a king. I would never want to go anywhere else even if somebody tried because y’all always just take such good care of me. One time I had to go to the hospital for something and it wasn't long before I was surprised by Julie (Lead RN / Assistant Regional Nurse Manager) stopping by my room to check on me because she saw I was there. I'm so glad to have my WeCare tlc family.”
— Member at Troup County Collaborative Health & Wellness Center, GA

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