Virtual Care

Innovative virtual health care is available to all
of our health center patients

Connect with your health, whenever and wherever you need it. With our virtual care service, you have direct access to your healthcare team no matter where you are.

What is
WeCare tlc's virtual care service?

Our virtual care puts you in complete control of your health.

Simply put: our virtual care service is telehealth, but better! Traditionally, telehealth connects you with the first available person within a network of health professionals. With our virtual care service, you connect directly with your own healthcare team—so you have access to high quality care from the people you trust, whenever and wherever you need it.

Who can benefit from WeCare tlc virtual care?

With our virtual care service, you’re connected to your health even when you’re unable to visit your health center! As an employer, this is especially beneficial for your remote employees who may not be able to attend an in-person visit for every care need.

Benefits of our virtual care service include:

• Virtual access to the healthcare team you know and trust.
• Secure remote access to protect your personal information.
• Simple to use, state of the art telehealth technology.

Patients can use this virtual care solution to connect with their clinical team for:

• Evaluation and management of symptoms
• Chronic disease evaluation and management
• Follow‐up visits
• WeChampion coaching and disease management education
• Follow‐up and discussion of laboratory results
• Prescription orders and refills
• And much more

Frequently Asked Questions
about our virtual care service

What is virtual care and how can it benefit my employees?

Virtual care (also known as virtual health, telehealth, or telemedicine) is the delivery of health services via telecommunications and digital communication technologies—usually a telephone or a computer.

Virtual care gives patients the opportunity to access medical services and manage their health remotely. The health services offered virtually may include one-on-one medical care, patient education, help information services, and individualized self-care advice.

Typically, patients can log in using an app or online portal to gain access to view their medical records, connect with their physician via video or chat, submit food logs and test results, request prescription refills, and more.

Virtual care services are often offered as a supplement to other traditional healthcare options, to provide extra medical support to patients out of hours or when they’re unable to visit a physical health center.

How is WeCare tlc virtual care different from other telehealth or virtual health services?

We firmly believe that developing strong relationships between patients and clinical teams is the key to creating change and fostering better overall health outcomes.

Our virtual care service combines the convenience and access of virtual health with the enhanced quality of care that can only come from your own trusted healthcare team. The result is personalized health services provided by people that understand your health goals and truly care about your wellness.

How much does WeCare tlc virtual care cost?

Our virtual care service is available at all of our health and wellness centers across the country, at no extra cost to members or employers.

Does WeCare tlc offer its virtual care service to all health centers nationwide?

Please read this blog we wrote when we rolled out the service to all of our health center locations in the United States.