Why WeCare tlc

Why WeCare tlc

Specialists in advanced primary care solutions for employers

WeCare tlc is a leader in the implementation and management of onsite, near-site and collaborative primary care health centers around the country.

We are an independent, second-generation, family-owned company with a long track record of success. Our focus is on “what matters” rather than “what’s the matter.” Our commitment is to our clients and patients.

Who we serve

We work with businesses and organizations to provide quality, coordinated patient-centric healthcare to your employees. We take a strategic and flexible approach to operating our health centers.

Why choose WeCare tlc

as your advanced primary care provider

Consultative primary care partner

As an independent, privately held company, we are unique in our consultative approach to finding a primary care solution that optimally fits the needs of your organization. With our depth of experience and wealth of resources, we will help you find the healthcare solution that you and your workforce need and deserve.


Actionable outcomes reporting

Through our actionable primary care reports, you will see your healthcare costs decline through our shared focus on continuous improvement and better patient outcomes. With diagnoses and treatments thoroughly outlined on these reports, our aligned medical teams can utilize clinical outcomes to constantly find ways to better treat their patients.


Auditable financial analysis

By utilizing our proven processes, medical management tools, innovative technologies, and data analytics, you’ll be able to improve the quality of healthcare provided for your employees and generate a strong ROI. The financial impacts of these improvements will be evident in your actual claims and clinical data during regular analyses and presentations.

Our beliefs

— People deserve better healthcare and organizations don’t have to struggle or feel uninformed in order to provide it.
— A healthy workforce can improve long-term business success, overall job satisfaction, and workforce productivity.
— Trust must be earned and we are committed to building trust with our clients and their employees.
— Employees and employers deserve flexibility and choices in healthcare.

Our vision

To us, health care is personal. Our patients are more than the reason they came to the health center. We want our patients to feel the best they can by controlling their health destiny. We restore the provider-patient relationship determined by the highest quality care teams, producing the best health outcomes. We advocate for our clients by protecting their finances against health-related risks. We are leading the way in workplace wellness, and we are the way others will deliver collaborative healthcare.

— We are the employer of choice.
— We are the primary care partner of choice.
— We want you to care because WeCare.

Our purpose

Making people healthier and companies stronger.

Core values

to Excellence

Pride of

and Innovative


& Integrity

Diversity matters to us

As a woman-owned company, WeCare tlc understands and is committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the community it serves. Fostering a diverse workforce benefits employees, patients and clients by offering an inclusive place to provide and receive care. Reducing disparities in care for all groups is WeCare tlc’s focus.

While people may come from different experiences, we all share the same goal of providing high-quality patient care, with 100% transparency, honesty and integrity.