WeCare tlc conducts ONE millionth primary care visit

| November 22, 2019

Industry leader brings high quality, low cost to more Americans via on-site or near-site company-sponsored wellness clinics.

WeCare tlc, the nation’s leading on-site and near-site primary care provider crossed an industry milestone this week with the completion of its one millionth employee wellness visit.

WeCare tlc provides and manages on-site or near-site healthcare clinics for some of the nation’s leading corporations.

Benefits associated with on-site or near-site healthcare clinics is astronomical — especially when it comes to cost savings. “Once you have experienced the WeCare tlc health center, it’s hard to imagine not having one, and you ask why didn’t we do it earlier,” said Jim Rubottom, vice president of human resources for Knapheide Manufacturing. “If you can understand the concept and realize the wellness center/clinic lets you control your destiny then it is an easy decision. It has been for us.”

Helping customers realize more savings than costs when opening new on-site medical centers is where WeCare tlc excels. “We focus on proven savings techniques informed by actual claims experience. In order to produce verifiable and significant health plan savings, WeCare tlc knows clients must follow proven medical risk management techniques. To that end, we have developed our own proprietary software, Clinical Analysis Toolkit (CAT), to perform financial and clinical data benchmarks. As a result, WeCare tlc’s health centers have consistently delivered a 15 percent or better drop in healthcare costs for its clients, net of the health center cost,” says founder and CEO Lynn Jennings.

“Our mission is to help companies across America control their healthcare spending and realize savings to their bottom line. WeCare tlc’s model is based on transparency. One hundred percent of the clinic cost is passed through to the customer at costs – there are no hidden fees, no marked-up drugs, no inflated cost,” said Raegan Le Douaron, chief of business acquisition. WeCare tlc manages the operations for a fee allowing its customers to see in real time their actual spending. “Through our actuarially proven methodology, clients can see their overall health plan expenses as compared to trend, to see immediately the return on their investment,” says Jennings.

WeCare tlc is changing the way healthcare is delivered in the United States. To learn more how your company can save money on its healthcare expenditures, contact us or email us at info@wecaretlc.com

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