WeCare tlc expands their primary care services to include mental healthcare

| May 8, 2023

Leader in advanced primary care offers customized mental and behavioral health solutions for employers

Although primary care in the United States tends to encompass a wide variety of care needs, it often does not include mental healthcare.

WeCare tlc, a leader in implementing and managing onsite, near-site, and collaborative primary health centers around the country, is becoming part of the solution to the lack of access to mental health services in America.

Through a partnership with Agno Health, WeCare tlc will provide integrated mental and behavioral health services to its patients and their families at primary care clinics across the country.

“At WeCare tlc, we are committed to providing whole-person care to our patients,” said Raegan Le Douaron, President & CEO of WeCare tlc. “Through our partnership with Agno Health, we’re able to expand our team-based care model by having mental health professionals work side-by-side with our doctors and nurses to diagnose, treat, and counsel our patients.”

WeCare tlc will offer custom mental and behavioral health solutions to all of its health centers as needed, including providing best-practice mental health screenings, hiring psychiatric nurse practitioners to offer management and therapy services, utilizing direct partnerships with community therapists and coordinating additional care with specialists.

“Because many patients may solely and most easily access healthcare through their primary care provider, it makes sense for patients to be met with mental healthcare when they visit their primary care physician,” Le Douraon said. “By integrating mental healthcare into primary care, patients would only be met with a copay for one primary care visit, instead of multiple visits to multiple doctors through referrals.”