WeCare tlc rolls out new nurse coaching program

| February 24, 2022

All Lead RNs to become certified integrative nurse coaches

Throughout the healthcare industry, nurses are the foundation of a successful care program. These frontline health care heroes are often the people who connect most with patients and can have the largest impact on their health.

WeCare tlc, a leading provider of onsite and near-site health and wellness centers around the country, practices a nurse-led, nurse-valued model. To provide its nurses with more tools to aid in patient care, the company is rolling out a new nurse coaching program. The Lead RNs in all its centers across the country will complete training to become certified integrative nurse coaches.

“At WeCare tlc, we understand how important nurses are in the care of our patients. Our new nurse coaching program will provide these key team members with the training and resources needed to treat our patients as a whole,” said Raegan Le Douaron, president of WeCare tlc.

A nurse coach is a registered nurse who has obtained extra training, education and practice in developing the skills needed to provide health and wellness coaching beyond their original nursing school training. Nurse coaches focus on treating patients as a whole, ensuring their physical, mental and emotional health are all considered.

With better coaching comes better patient health and wellness. Coaching is proven to help patients reduce stress, increase fitness, eat smarter, become more educated about their health and event quit unhealthy habits such as smoking. WeCare tlc’s coaching program can also provide benefits for employers, including enhanced health and morale of employees, improved employee productivity and retention, and lower health-related costs.

The company’s Lead RNs will be pursuing an Integrative Nurse Coaching Certificate from the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy.

WeCare tlc manages on or near-site healthcare centers for schools, municipals and companies across the nation. It aims to provide exemplary health care services for patients, while keeping costs low for employers. All of its centers have adopted Bridges of Excellence standards, the highest standards across the industry.