How we’re helping employers navigate COVID-19

| October 30, 2020

How we’re helping employers navigate COVID-19

Learn about the initiatives we’ve launched and the proactive measures we’re taking to support our clients during the pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting people all over the world, we’re continuing to work tirelessly to keep the communities we serve as healthy as possible.

The pandemic has posed many challenges, including:

  • Confusion and fear among members due to misinformation about the virus
  • Significant delays in receiving results from COVID-19 viral tests
  • Uncertainty of employers on how to keep their workforce healthy and their workplace safe.

At WeCare tlc, our priority during this time has been to ensure that employers and health center members have all of the access and information they need to address these concerns and manage their health amid COVID-19.

As part of our commitment to providing quality care, we’ve developed a number of initiatives and proactive measures in response to the new, emerging needs of our clients and health center members.

COVID-19 tests

Coronavirus testing delays have been a huge roadblock, both for individuals who are feeling unwell and for employers who are trying to keep their workplace safe.

We have been able to secure a supply of CDC-approved PCR viral tests and, through our partnership with a trusted laboratory company, we can offer a much faster turnaround time for results—eliminating the delays that can cause concern and confusion for individuals and employers.

Instead of waiting 7–10 days (or longer in some cases), our health center members are able to receive the results from their COVID test within 48–72 hours. In many cases, the results are available within 24 hours.

This quick turnaround testing is now available to all of our health centers across the United States.

COVID-19 response & testing strategy

After seeing the necessity for safe, agile return to work strategies, we are now offering employers — even those who use another provider for their primary care health centers — a tailored COVID-19 response & testing strategy package.

This package covers everything that businesses need to keep their employees safe and to keep their operations running. Our goal is to ensure that employers are protected and able to safely get people back to work.

It includes:

  • A comprehensive return to work strategy with recommendations that operate within CDC guidelines and adhere to onsite protocols
  • Workplace health & safety educational resources
  • Rapid response strategies in the event of a spike of COVID-19 cases in the local area.

COVID-19 hotline

In response to a client in Texas whose HR teams were struggling to field a huge number of COVID-related calls from employees, we’ve developed a 24/7 on-call COVID-19 hotline.

This hotline gives their health center members access to all the information they need, answering questions related to symptoms, potential exposure, how to safely return to work, and more. We now have other health centers adopting the hotline as well. 

COVID-19 resources and guidance for employers

To help employers stay informed, we’re distributing regular updates and resources, including downloadable booklets that provide information about testing strategies, return to work solutions, and answers to FAQs all in one place.

We’re also hosting monthly virtual Client Forum sessions that cover the hot topics employers should be aware of as the situation continues to develop.

COVID-19 resources for health center members

For our health center members, we’ve launched two valuable health initiatives. In our monthly virtual Lunch & Learn educational sessions, members can interact and learn from our clinical team about topics including workplace safety, health tips, wellness advice, and more.

Early during the pandemic, we launched Wellness Moments: a section of our website dedicated to quick tips, videos and downloadable resources to help them stay healthy, learn something new, and live a happier lifestyle.

Our continued commitment

WeCare tlc is devoted to the health and wellness of every member, client, partner and team member we serve.

We have remained free from onsite exposure incidents at any of our health centers, thanks to the diligence of our staff and patients in adhering to our new safety and source control standards.

“To our clients, thank you for your commitment to providing a safe, healthy workplace. Your individual accountability to protect yourself goes a long way to protect others,” said Dr. Fayshonda Cooks, Chief of Clinical Services at WeCare tlc.

“In helping employers navigate COVID-19, we’ve learned a great deal. We’d also like to thank you for your continued patience as we press through this challenging time together. We are grateful to serve your needs throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.”

How we can help

If your business, school or organization needs assistance in developing COVID-19 response and testing strategies, please contact us today to find out how we can help you.