How employers can offer quality healthcare for employees in remote locations

Learn how companies can successfully provide continuity of care for employees spread across multiple locations

Leading employers are on a mission to keep their workforce healthy and well.

They understand the importance of advanced primary care in lowering healthcare costs and improving health outcomes. But how does this work for companies with dispersed employee populations?

Providing access to quality care is more important than ever, especially now as more primary care practices are closing. However, this poses a challenge for companies who are changing the way they work.

Some employers are embracing a permanent shift to remote work. Others may have all their employees dispersed across multiple locations, or perhaps many employees in one location and others scattered across the region, state, or country.

This new way of working means companies need a new approach to how they provide healthcare for employees in remote locations.

WeCare tlc president, Raegan Garber Le Douaron, recently took part in a National Association of Worksite Health Centers online forum, titled “Using Direct Primary Care Contracting for Remote Locations”, where she explains more.

“Employers may have a base of 1,000 employees in one area, but they also have 30 here, 2 there, and so on,” Raegan explains. “Each and every employee still needs access to care. How do we make that happen?”

“Part of the problem is the silos that exist in the healthcare industry, which affect both care and cost,” she continues. The answer is advanced primary care that can do more than ever before.

But to make this successful, employers need to work with health providers who can ensure a careful balance to tie everything together.

To help companies solve the challenge of healthcare for employees in remote locations, WeCare tlc is selecting partnerships with direct primary care (DPC) practices and leading healthcare technology platforms to offer enhanced continuity of care—no matter where your employees are located.

We’re working hard to bring all the pieces of the healthcare puzzle together. Our expanded services include:

  • Local health centers
  • Telehealth services
  • New, enhanced mental health services
  • Specialty health services beyond simply referring patients out, and more.

The result is improved health outcomes for employees, and reduced downstream costs for employers. Innovative initiatives like CommunityCare can also help employers offset their costs while giving them the ability to expand their hours and their services.

“We are really here to make a difference in the community and to have not just good outcomes, but the best outcomes,” says Raegan.

If you’d like to learn more about how WeCare tlc can help you offer quality healthcare for employees in remote locations, please contact us today.

To hear more from Raegan about the best ways for employers to keep dispersed employee populations healthy, you can watch the National Association of Worksite Health Centers online forum in full here.