Announcing our overall strategy for COVID-19 vaccinations

Announcing our overall strategy for COVID-19 vaccinations

WeCare tlc is committed to offering a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccination program for businesses across the United States

At WeCare tlc, we understand that managing a safe return to work is essential for employers.

As well as implementing a number of proactive measures and initiatives, our clinical teams have been working around the clock to develop a safe, effective strategy for COVID-19 vaccination so that companies can protect their workforce.

The cornerstone of this COVID-19 vaccination strategy is assisting in establishing partnerships with community partners or agencies that are located close to employee populations.

By partnering with these local partners and agencies, employers can:

  • Provide a targeted resource for COVID-19 vaccines to their employees
  • Minimize the liability and cost associated with management of COVID-19 vaccine storage and administration, and
  • Minimize concerns related to EEOC and ADA restrictions associated with employer access to employees’ protected information.

As a leading provider of onsite and nearsite health centers, we have a proven track record of building partnerships with community organizations throughout the country to provide ancillary services for our clients. We continually nurture those relationships in order to manage individual needs as they arise—and this is something that’s never been more important than it is today.

As COVID-19 vaccine distribution and access varies in each community, our assistance in partnering with agencies registered to receive vaccines is a preferred strategy to ensure quicker access and streamlined flow for employees.

If you’re an employer interested in securing a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccination program strategy for your workforce, please contact us today.

Note: The coronavirus pandemic continues to be a fluid situation. Our clinical teams are reviewing new data and guidelines daily, and we expect that our strategy for COVID-19 vaccinations will evolve rapidly to fit the changing needs of our populations.

All information is correct at time of writing. If you have any additional questions about our vaccination program, please contact us here.