WeCare tlc unveils new website and reaffirmed company messaging

| October 26, 2021

Explore how we’ve expanded our messaging to better serve clients and patients in our employer-sponsored health centers across the country

As a leader in the implementation and management of employer-sponsored primary care health clinics around the country, WeCare tlc recently launched a redesigned website and reaffirmed company messaging to further our mission of changing the way healthcare is delivered in the United States. 

“I’ve always told our team that I’d rather grow at a pace that doesn’t sacrifice our standards of care and work to accomplish our mission. After 16 years, WeCare tlc is now the oldest privately-held manager of employer-sponsored health centers in the country. In the past three years, we have seen every firm in our niche market merge into larger companies, largely owned by venture capitalists with most going public,” explained Raegan Le Douaron, President & CEO of WeCare tlc.

“These changes in our industry signaled to me that it was time for us to make a change, and outwardly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Our team knows the fundamental differences in our healthcare model, but we needed to ensure that the public understood just as well,” she said. 

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WeCare tlc’s custom, redesigned website showcases the stunning new visuals of our branding and accurately represents that our company is big enough to serve, but small enough to care. The fully responsive website works seamlessly across all platforms, browsers, and devices to modernize our online presence while portraying our breadth of experience and patient-centered care model.

The modern, clean design of WeCare tlc’s mobile-friendly website makes it simple for employers, patients, and clinicians alike to explore benefits, resources, and care options with sections clearly labeled to serve each group’s unique needs.

Employers interested in a WeCare tlc partnership can easily explore the health center model, available services, answers to frequently asked questions, and more while their employees are provided with access to the patient portal and healthy living resources with the click of a button. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants that are interested in joining the WeCare tlc team can explore our clinical philosophy and career opportunities.

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The website supports the reaffirmed company messaging that WeCare tlc has developed to accurately convey our company growth, vision, mission, and values to both current and potential clients.  

The new messaging clearly explains how WeCare tlc’s onsite and near-site advanced primary care health centers are designed to deliver consistency in both results and outcomes, restore the doctor-patient relationship, and provide a sustainable solution for long-term investment to employers. 

The messaging is focused on reinforcing WeCare tlc’s core values of:

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Pride of Ownership
  • Accountable and Innovative
  • Growth Oriented
  • Honesty & Integrity 

Additionally, the reaffirmed messaging allowed us to solidify our Clinical Philosophy to attract the best clinicians interested in joining our team which states: “We are an evidence-based, science-driven company which drives all of our clinical decision making as we identify problems, create solutions and act to improve patient care and outcomes.”

This year, in addition to the new website and brand repositioning, WeCare tlc is proud to have moved its headquarters into a new 2,700-square-foot office in Altamonte Springs which will allow us to grow our workforce by 15%-20%. We’ve also further developed our leadership team with Dr. Angelina Szuch (Chief of Clinical Services), Lauren Kirshner (Director of Client Services), Jen Rockafellow (Director of People Services), and Bob Stonbely (Controller). 

“At WeCare tlc, we are aligned with employers in every way. We are transparent, accountable, and when we bring down the cost of health care, we all win. Equally satisfying is that when we accomplish the goal of lowering health care spending for our clients, it means we are making an improvement in the lives of our patients. To me, there is nothing better,” said Raegan. 

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