President and CEO Raegan Garber Le Douaron featured on Slice of Healthcare Podcast

| December 5, 2022

Recently, Raegan Garber Le Douaron, WeCare tlc’s president and CEO, was a guest on the Slice of Healthcare Podcast with host Jared Taylor. 

This show discusses healthcare innovation, company introductions, founder stories and more. It’s ranked in the top 10 U.S. Healthcare Business News podcasts and listened to in more than 65 countries across the world. 

On episode #289, Raegan shared about her background and discussed WeCare tlc’s mission and passion for primary care. Raegan sees primary care as a frontline defense – both from health plan and patient care delivery standpoints. She went on to explain how primary care has transitioned over the years. Back in our grandparents’ day, everyone had a hometown doctor who they built a relationship with and trusted them with a variety of medical treatments. 

Today, healthcare has become much more specialized. This has led to silos being created in a person’s care, which can be harmful to a patient. Big corporations have squeezed and devalued primary care, creating a skewed vision of what it truly is. 

Raegan and Jared dive deeper into big corporations entering the healthcare industry by discussing Amazon’s purchase of One Medical. The acquisition didn’t come as a surprise, as the company recently made the switch from in-person care to virtual, so this platform could be a useful asset. However, Raegan foresees Amazon’s entry into the field being very similar to that of Google’s. The company won’t be able to achieve the quick ROI it’s accustomed to.   

To wrap up the interview, Jared asked why an effective and independent primary care strategy should be central to your health plan. Both being Floridians, Raegan used a hurricane analogy. Primary care is as the center, or the eye, and it helps with the bands around the “storm” such as optimization of health plans, pharmacy benefit plans, employee assistance programs and more. Primary care, when situated in the middle, creates synergy around all of those things. When done properly and independently, and coupled with data-driven insights, it should un-silo the things that are traditionally isolated in a health plan, which will break down walls and show how they work together. 

Raegan ended by sharing what’s next for WeCare tlc. She explained that because of mergers and acquisitions, WeCare tlc is one of the only independent healthcare companies still in the market. The team is continuing working toward our mission and will be focusing on developing more partnerships over the next year to provide additional value to patients and clients.  

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Photo Credit: Slice of Healthcare