Perrysburg Schools keeps employees happy and healthy with advanced primary care in their onsite health center

| April 8, 2020

Perrysburg Schools keeps employees happy and healthy with advanced primary care in their onsite health center

Learn how WeCare tlc empowers this leading school system to care for their employees and reduce healthcare costs

With over 15 years of experience providing onsite health centers for school systems, we are proud to support our education clients in improving employee health and reducing absenteeism.

Join us to explore how we are helping a leading Ohio school system boost the quality of care for their teachers and support staff, and also reducing their healthcare costs.

Industry: Education
Client: Perrysburg Schools
Location: Perrysburg, Ohio
Serving: One school and 475 members

The challenge

With multiple health systems in the area, Perrysburg Schools was looking for a solution that would not only be of a financial benefit to them but also provide appropriate care to their teachers and staff, ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality and convenient advanced primary care.

The solution

Along with free high-quality primary care, vaccines and preventive care, patients also have access to a number of health initiatives, including:

  • WeChampion, a one-on-one Nurse Educator Coaching Program 
  • Follow up on care plans and outreach and engagement
  • Diabetic education and counseling
  • Teacher education every fall
  • Health fairs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Stress management, and more.

The results

After their first year with WeCare tlc, Perrysburg Schools’s rolling per employee per month of health center and health plan costs is down 23%. This reduction was achieved by the implementation of the health center as well as the school system’s own measures, demonstrating their commitment and strategy to continue to have solutions to reduce costs.

By providing convenient access to high-quality preventative care, health center members are becoming healthier and Perrysburg Schools’s healthcare costs are decreasing:

  • 94% of the population have their A1C in target (no reduction in year 1).
  • 18 patients reduced their blood pressure, resulting in cost savings of $21,280. 46% of the population have their blood pressure in target.
  • 93 patients achieved weight loss, resulting in cost savings of $175,560. 9% of the population have their BMI in target.

We have also seen a shift in how members are utilizing healthcare. Over the first year of opening, 24 patients who utilized the health center did not incur a health plan claim. It is this type of shift in healthcare utilization that will continue to provide positive impacts to school systems like Perrysburg Schools.

Next steps

Perrysburg Schools and the WeCare tlc team are currently reviewing their health center data to implement additional services that will bring added benefits to patients, such as physical therapy and sleep studies.

“It is an honor to serve our educators and provide a much needed service for them and their families,” said Raegan Garber Le Douaron, president of WeCare tlc. “Having a school system provide a benefit like this to their faculty and staff is unparalleled and adds much needed dollars back into our teachers’ pockets.”

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