How our continued investment in leadership coaching helps us to best serve our patients

| September 6, 2022

Explore the ways in which our outsourced leadership coaching fosters a healthy work environment and more effective services for our clients

In professional sports, even the greatest athletes of all time work with coaches. Why? Because having someone with a unique external perspective and a passion for your success is immensely valuable, regardless of your level of talent and knowledge.

Whether you’re a pro athlete, CEO of an international company, or primary care physician, coaches can support you in best utilizing your strengths, avoiding pitfalls by identifying your weak spots, and expertly addressing your blind spots.

At WeCare tlc, we continue to welcome innovative ideas to support our overall effectiveness to best serve our patients at our advanced primary care health centers across the country.

One way we have done that is by working with the mother-daughter leadership coaching duo, Suzan Oran and Nicole Oran, since 2017 to teach our Art of Medical Leadership 1.0 and 2.0 training to all team members within our organization from the home office staff to clinical teams.

Continue reading to learn how our ongoing investment in leadership coaching supports our overall effectiveness to best serve our patients.

Why does WeCare tlc use leadership coaching?

The benefit of working with external leadership coaches is having a third-party perspective to rally for the success of our organization and employees, while authentically drawing out solutions to challenges and bringing attention to opportunities for a shift in behavior when certain areas need tending to.

The coaching from Suzan and Nicole is utilized in many areas of our organization

How is leadership coaching utilized at WeCare tlc?

With our 10-week Art of Medical Leadership course mandatory for all employees, the coaching from Suzan and Nicole is utilized in many areas of our organization.

One of the primary ways it is implemented is through direct accountability coaching for project leaders. This includes support and direction on having clear-cut commitments with projects and regular communication to ensure all tasks are on track and adjusted when off track. The intent of this practice is not to micromanage our team, but to recognize that everyone is human, busy in their respective roles, and thus appreciative of supportive nudges.

Another key way that leadership coaching has an impact on WeCare tlc is in the work with individuals or small groups to keep the lines of communication open and intentionally finetune our leadership skills.

Coaching is a wonderful way to support self-awareness

How does leadership coaching benefit WeCare tlc?

When effective communication and authentic leadership is lacking, joy in the workplace, general productivity, and the camaraderie between employees in the organization suffers.

Coaching is a wonderful way to support self-awareness in these areas by taking a non-judgmental look at what is and is not working, and then providing the tools and directions to actually implement changes in behavior and dynamics that can have a significant role in a positive shift for everyone involved. 

In fact, one of the most expansive leadership research projects recently found that companies that provide high-quality development experience are one and a half times more likely to have high leader engagement and retention and twice as likely to be voted as best places to work. [1]

Leadership coaching is a significant resource that we take full advantage of at WeCare tlc

Making a difference in the lives of our patients

It would be nice if each of us was always on the right track, communication was authentic 100% of the time, and business productivity proved to be flawless year in and year out, but we are all human, and we are in a business designed specifically to work with and help people.

Leadership coaching is a significant resource that we take full advantage of at WeCare tlc to ensure that we are operating consistently with our purpose of making people healthier and companies stronger.

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1: DDI | Global Leadership Forecast 2021