7 ways to achieve a positive outlook

June 16, 2020

The power of positivity shouldn’t be underestimated!

In fact, there are many benefits of positive thinking including:

– Longer life span

– Improved physical and psychological health, and

– A lower risk of cardiovascular disease.[1]

Continue reading to learn 7 simple tactics to achieve a positive outlook.

1. Focus on what you’re grateful for

Shifting your focus to the things you’re thankful for—rather than what you don’t have or things you are dissatisfied with—can help you achieve a more positive mindset.

Keeping a gratitude journal and meditation can help you slow down and mindfully practice gratitude.

2. Make time for the activities you enjoy

With work often at the forefront of daily life, hobbies can easily get crowded out of your schedule.

Making an effort to set aside time for the activities you enjoy, like cooking, art or reading, can help you maintain a healthier work-life balance.

3. Stay active

Going for a walk, practicing yoga, or any kind of aerobic exercise not only offers great physical health benefits, but it also releases endorphins––the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain that promote an increased sense of optimism.[1]

4. Do something that makes you laugh

It may sound corny but it’s true: laughter is the best medicine! In fact, laughing can help relieve stress and tension, improve your mood, and facilitate the release of endorphins.[1]

Try watching a funny animal video, look for your favorite comedian’s stand-up act online, or call your funniest friend to catch up and get a good laugh.

5. Interrupt negativity

Interrupt negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind with the power of positivity! Positive self-talk, visualizing a positive outcome, and reframing challenges are great tactics to stop negativity in its tracks.

For example: if you’re stuck in traffic, it can be easy to get frustrated. Instead of focusing on your frustration, shift your perspective by viewing the traffic as an opportunity to enjoy listening to your favorite music, or as a reminder of how grateful you are to have a car that can safely get you where you need to go.

6. Build a positive support system

There is power in community and collaboration. Establishing a support system of positive people who are there for you can remind you that you are not alone.

You may notice that when someone has a negative attitude, it can put a damper on the mood of the people around them. Well, the same goes for positivity––it’s contagious!

7. Establish a positive, productive morning routine

Set the tone for a busy day ahead by starting it on a positive note. Give yourself extra time in the morning to slow down and practice some of the strategies listed above.

Harness the power of positivity, lower your risk of disease, and improve your physical and psychological health with these helpful tactics. You may quickly notice that maintaining a positive mindset throughout the day comes easier when you implement these strategies!


1: Mayo Clinic