Seven employer onsite health clinic myths debunked by our team

Discover the facts your organization needs to know before opening a WeCare tlc health center

Opening an onsite or near-site employer-sponsored health center is a significant decision for organizations of all sizes. It inevitably comes with a lot of questions that need to be asked of the vendor before a final decision is made. 

At WeCare tlc, we understand the importance of this decision and we’re passionate about the powerful benefits that an advanced primary care clinic can offer to employers interested in proactively managing health care costs, while also providing care for the benefit of employees and their families. 

To help create a sense of ease as your organization considers the benefits of opening a WeCare tlc health center, we’ve compiled a list of the most common onsite health center myths below to debunk them with the facts that you need to know. 

Myth #1: The health center can’t reach our dispersed employee population.

FACT: Your health center’s virtual care services can be utilized by your remote or dispersed employees.

With a partner like WeCare tlc, your health center’s virtual care services can be utilized by your remote or dispersed employees who cannot attend an in-person visit for every care need—at no extra cost to you or your employees. 

Our virtual care service is telehealth, but better! Instead of being connected to the first available physician like most services, we connect you directly with your own healthcare team at your health center, so you have access to the high-quality care you need from the people you trust.

Myth #2: You can’t help our organization because our workforce is too small.

FACT: WeCare tlc serves organizations of different sizes.

Although it is true that you must have approximately 1,100 employees for us to help you build a full time onsite health center, we help organizations with smaller workforces run collaborative health centers that are made up of various businesses in your community coming together.

These collaborative health centers can be located conveniently for everyone involved, and patients from different employers can be easily tracked so costs are correctly assigned to the proper account.

Myth #3: You won’t be able to prove the value of the health center as part of our overall healthcare strategy.

FACT: The financial impacts of your health center will be evident in your claims and clinical data during regular analyses and presentations.

At WeCare tlc, we are committed to strategically utilizing health care data to determine the savings and impact to our clients’ health plans. 

Through our exclusive partnership with data analytics firm TURBOARD, we provide our clients with monthly and quarterly enhanced utilization reports as well as annual Financial Information Reporting (if claims data is provided) that are filled with infographics and dashboards. Our utilization of this data will allow us to show you where we are going, not just where we have been.

Myth #4: Our organization will be responsible for running the health center and employing the medical team.

FACT: WeCare tlc will manage every aspect of your health center. 

Once your health center is up and running, our team will manage every aspect of your clinic to keep it operationally sound and in top-notch form, including employing the staff.

As the employer of the clinical team, we carry all necessary liability coverage, including medical malpractice insurance. Our recruiting team is responsible for managing all job openings, pre-screenings, and credentialing. However, your organization is able to choose if you would like to be involved in the hiring process on some level. 

We will regularly collaborate with your team through:

  • Weekly implementation meetings
  • Creating an implementation timeline with key dates 
  • Establishment of an ongoing communication cadence 
  • Review of quarterly and annual reports
  • Annual strategic planning meeting

Myth #5: Our employees will not want to participate due to concerns about their medical information being shown to their employer. 

FACT: None of your employees’ private medical information will be shared with your organization as part of our compliance with HIPAA. 

WeCare tlc health centers strictly adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) confidentiality and security regulations.

We make it a priority to protect the health care data of our patients. Any reports that are shared about health center activity to your organization will be at an aggregate level.

Myth #6: Opening a health center replaces the health plan for our organization.

FACT: Opening a health center for your team does not replace your health plan.

Opening a health center for your team does not replace your health plan. Instead, your WeCare tlc health center functions as a proactive cost-savings measure to control your short, medium, and long-term health plan costs.

The health center will provide your workforce the same primary care services you pay for through your health plan, so they get the right care, at the right time, for the right price. Your health center’s clinical team works with our exclusive partners for additional services needed and utilizes data to make informed decisions about the care delivered and to understand opportunities for patient engagement and population health strategy.

Myth #7: A health center will be an added cost to our existing medical spend.

FACT: Opening a health center will help lower overall health care spend.

Providing access to a WeCare tlc health center for your employees makes long-term financial sense for your organization because it helps control health care costs. In addition to offering the same primary care services you pay for through your health plan for less money, we also save you money by changing wasteful health care practices. 

Since we are paid to manage the process rather than to deliver products and services, we focus on driving the right care at the right time. Your employees will be healthier, resulting in increased productivity, improved recruitment and retention, and reduced absenteeism for your organization.

Clients who have utilized a WeCare tlc onsite health care clinic for over five years have experienced an average return on investment (ROI) savings ranging from $4 – $7 on every $1 invested. On average, our clients save 60% on lab services completed in the health center compared to the community as well as 50% cost reduction for every prescription dispensed by using generic.

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