Employee Health: How Physician-Led, Team-Based Care Improves health

| August 7, 2015

Employee Health: How a Physician-Led, Team-Based Care Improves employee health

The WeCare tlc patient-centered medical home (PCMH) relies on a team to deliver care. Instead of a physician trying to accomplish everything in a 20-minute visit, a clinical team – a physician, registered nurses, medical assistants and licensed practical nurses – cares for the patient. This improves employee health.

For example, the medical assistant checks in the patient, draws blood, performs eye exams and other screenings. The physician designs and supervises the treatment plan. The registered nurse educates the patient in self-care and oversees care plan implementation. The licensed practical nurse dispenses medication. All these interactions are recorded in patients’ electronic health record, furthering care coordination.

From a patient’s perspective, this means more time with the physician. Freed up from routine tasks, WeCare TLC physicians spent at least 20 minutes with each patient; 40 minutes on the first visit. Patients also enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping. In one visit, patients can receive a flu shot, get a test done, see their doctor and receive needed medications.

Research shows that team-based care improves patient satisfaction and confidence in their health providers. One study of a patient-centered medical home compared medical home patients with those who visited a traditional health center. PCHM patients reported higher degrees of satisfaction across the board, including measures such as the quality of their doctor-patient interactions; the degree of shared decision-making; the coordination of care; their access to care and the helpfulness of office staff.

Research also shows team-based care improves quality. First, everyone from the physician to the medical assistant to the nurse brings his or her unique clinical preparation to the patient. In addition, because all providers work together, gaps in care are fewer.  Check out what makes us different more information about employee health and WeCare tlc.