Six tips on customer experience optimization from our client success team

Learn how to improve your client experience with the transferable knowledge of our healthcare industry expertise

In 2023, 70% of consumers will purchase more from businesses that provide fluid, natural, and client-focused interactions. On top of that, 60% of consumers have purchased a product or service from a brand over a competitor based on the customer experience they expect to receive. [1]

Consumer expectations are rising—alongside technological innovations—and a strong customer experience is key to boosting retention and loyalty. 

Join us to explore the most effective ways to improve your customer or client experience with expert advice from our client success team at WeCare tlc. 

What is customer experience optimization? 

Whether you’re running a service-based business that’s tending to clients or a product-supplying company with customers, customer experience optimization is a practice your team should be following to better understand and enhance your customer’s journey across all touchpoints with your business. 

Optimizing your customer or client’s experience means you’re talking to them about their needs and finding a way to successfully meet them in a way that is still most efficient and financially-viable for your company. 

By ensuring your team is fulfilling all of your client or customer’s needs and wants, you’ll cultivate trusted relationships that allow them to clearly understand the value you bring to their lives, resulting in long-term partnerships and brand loyalty for years to come. 

Keep reading to explore our top six tips on client experience optimization from our client success team at WeCare tlc that you can apply at your organization:

Tip #1: Create a tailored experience. 

There is no “one-size-fits all” approach to client experience optimization. If you want to successfully onboard new clients and maintain relationships with your current ones, you need to learn about and tend to the unique needs of each client.

Your team needs to curate a tailored experience for your clients that shows the genuine thought and concern you put into your relationship with their businesses. Putting this into practice could be as simple as communicating via text instead of your standard emails or as complicated as offering a new service that they’re seeking for their team.

Tip #2: Stay engaged.

Don’t neglect optimizing the customer experience once your clients are onboarded. Many companies make the mistake of investing all of their efforts in optimizing the client experience during intake, but fail to recognize the importance of keeping clients happy after the fact.

Your customer or client retention rates are essential to the success of your business, so you need to build loyal customers and long-lasting partnerships with your clients. If your clients are unhappy, they can easily end your partnership, and work with your competitors instead. 

It’s also important to check in with your oldest or easiest clients—those who never ask for anything new and always seem happy with the services they’re receiving. Although they likely are satisfied with your services, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to work with your team and think of new ways to level-up their customer experience based on your knowledge of them and their business. 

Tip #3: Cultivate a genuine partnership. 

Especially in a service-oriented industry, focus on establishing true partnerships with your clients. Your partnership should not be purely transactional, but instead be relationship-driven, so that they feel valued and appreciated. You want your clients to understand that you appreciate them choosing to partner with your business instead of your competition. 

Show your clients that you’re not only interested in the success of your partnership, but their business as a whole. Act as a sounding board and trusted advisor for your clients whenever possible. It will only help to further strengthen your partnership, and often takes minimal resources from your team.

Tip #4: Lead with your core values. 

Your core values are one of the best guide posts to utilize when optimizing your business’s client experience. Pre-established core values can help you in forming genuine relationships with your clients, and consider the most important parts of your customer’s journey to hone in on during regular optimization efforts. 

For example, at WeCare tlc, our core values include commitment to excellence, accountability and innovation, and honesty and integrity—all of which directly apply to how we approach our client relationships and provide individualized experiences for each client. 

Tip #5: Communicate clearly. 

As in any relationship, communicating is key to cultivating strong relationships with your clients and effectively optimizing their experience with your business. Establish a clear communication schedule and methodology based on each client’s individual needs and preferences.

At WeCare tlc, we offer a wide variety of communication schedules and methodologies to our clients—weekly email check-ins, monthly meetings, annual clinic visits by the executive team—and we’re also open to incorporating new ideas into our communication schedule based on what our clients want.

Tip #6: Ask for feedback.

Many businesses make the mistake of making assumptions about the satisfaction rates of their current clients when best practices tell us that we should set up standard operating procedures for collecting data that we can utilize to optimize the customer experience. In fact, 59% of consumers want businesses to collect data about them and utilize it to personalize their experiences. [1]

A great way to do this is by sending out regular surveys and setting up meetings for feedback to understand what’s working and what’s not. These practices will provide your team with the opportunity to improve the experience of your existing customers and proactively optimize the customer experience for those starting a partnership with your organization.

At WeCare tlc, we send out monthly patient satisfaction surveys to learn what’s working and what can be improved at our health clinics. We also send out quarterly surveys to our clients to review areas of opportunity as a company in the services that we offer. 

“With the information collected through these surveys and other outlets, we create data-based reports that deliver actionable insights and showcase the value of our services to our clients,” shares Lauren Kirschner, our Director of Client Services “It allows your clients to always understand what is going on, which effectively strengthens our client relationships. It also allows our team to be more proactive and strategic in our client experience approach, rather than reactive.”

Remember: customer experience optimization should be a continuous effort. You won’t ever be “done” with it. As your business evolves, the needs and wants of your clients or customers will do the same, and their satisfaction is the ultimate indicator of your success. 

How we’re keeping our clients happy

At WeCare tlc, we are truly committed to optimizing the service experience for our clients—that’s why we have an entire department dedicated to that role. Our client success department’s mission is to advocate for our clients by maintaining continuity, consistency, and clarity in all that we do.

Each of our clients comes from a unique background and company culture that we work to integrate into our client experience and the experience of the patients that we serve at our health centers. 

“At WeCare tlc, we have the philosophy that clear, intentional communication is what drives better engagement and trust with our clients,” explains Lauren. “There may be some tough conversations along the way, but we work through them and always bring effective solutions to the table to meet the needs of our clients.”

“At the end of the day, the key to maintaining strong client relationships is knowing that you have their best interests at heart, and remembering that it’s not the words that you say, but the actions you take to back it up,” advises Lauren. 

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