Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered

WeCare tlc partners with employers to proactively manage their health care cost by expertly delivering unparalleled primary care for the benefit of employees and their families.

Today’s U.S. healthcare system is overly complicated and individuals need better primary care services.

Individuals can easily get lost in today’s complicated medical marketplace and employers are left paying higher healthcare costs because of it. It has become difficult to find effective, affordable, and accessible healthcare, and COVID-19 has exacerbated these issues in an already strained system.

Furthermore, health systems, payors, endless consolidation, and reorganization have led to more expensive health care by rushing to fill the void left by preventative care with financially-driven solutions.

As a result, patients are no longer receiving preventative healthcare services, and they are facing unnecessary suffering from treatable illnesses and chronic conditions.

Bottomline, preventing a problem before it happens is cheaper and easier than the cure.

WeCare tlc delivers proactive primary care solutions that prevent and manage costly conditions, while allowing our clients to provide an exceptional benefit to attract and retain top talent.

Delivered through our health centers both in-person and virtually, our advanced primary care services provide higher quality outcomes for patients, while making long term financial sense for employers.

With research showing that every $1 invested in primary care saves $13 in downstream costs, we are confident that your stake in our primary care services will pay dividends down the line and we have the data to back it up. (Source: Oregon Health Authority)

As a privately held, women-owned business, our independence allows your primary care team to utilize the most effective services to diagnose and treat your employees and their family members. At WeCare tlc, we simply do what is best for our patients without any potential conflicts of interest.

Leading the way in consulting employers
on the best primary care solutions

  • Onsite Health Centers

    With an on-site health center, your employees have immediate access to advanced primary care (including preventative care, acute or sick care, and chronic condition management), laboratory services, wellness programs and medications—all at no cost or a reduced cost to them. Great for secure facilities or where you have over 1,000 employees in one spot with room for a clinic onsite. Learn More

  • Near-site Health Centers

    Bringing high quality, convenient advanced primary care to your employees and their families. With a near-site health center, quality care is delivered just as it is in an on-site health center with all the same services, only this time it is just around the corner! Near-site health centers are a great way to pool resources with other local area employers. They are also the most popular in larger metropolitan areas or in serving spouses and dependents on the plan. Learn More

  • Virtual Care

    Connect with your health, whenever and wherever you need it. Unlike traditional telehealth, our virtual care service directly connects patients with their own health center team—so you have access to high quality care from the people you trust. As an employer, our virtual care service is especially beneficial for your remote employees who may not be able to attend an in-person visit for every care need. Learn More

  • CommunityCare

    A direct primary care membership program available for communities across the nation, CommunityCare offers members convenient, affordable access to advanced primary care. Learn More

3 mins.

average patient wait time


reduction in healthcare costs


reduction in urgent care visits


of our client's employees use our clinics by year two


of patients recommend our health centers to peers


in claim cost savings

How your organization can benefit
from our advanced primary care services

Improved employee health outcomes

With comprehensive, nearby access to advanced primary care services, your employees will live healthier lives. By cultivating a culture that values employee well-being, your organization will be met with increased productivity, improved recruitment and retention, and reduced absenteeism.


Access to community-tied medical teams

The trained, certified medical teams we form at your health center view your community as their community. With high ethical standards and caring dispositions, your trust in the doctors and nurses ensures your comprehensive treatment is delivered with great care and concern.


Long-term healthcare cost savings

We’ll help you reduce your healthcare spend by offering the same services you pay for through your health plan, for less money. Through our onsite and near-site health centers, you will pay less for labs, office visits, x-rays, and prescription drugs.

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