ROI (Return On Investment)

WeCare TLC’s clinics reduce employer health care costs by 15 percent.

How? First, by offering the same services you pay for through your health plan, for less money. Through our clinics, you will pay less for labs, office visits, x-rays and drugs.


But there’s a second, more powerful way we save you money. By changing wasteful health care practices. Because WeCare TLC is paid to manage the process rather than to deliver products and services, we focus on driving the right care at the right time. For example, by giving patients access to complete primary care visits, we reduce the need for specialty referrals and diagnostics. By managing medications, we make sure patients are on the right drugs, which results in healthier employers with fewer hospitalizations.


After two or three years of using WeCare TLC’s clinics, your employees become healthier and the costs from chronic diseases drop. These improvements pay dividends for years.

Employer Health Care Cost Reduction