What Makes Us Different

Clinical Analysis Toolkit

Our proprietary, exclusive CAT performs clinical and financial analysis on your medical and insurance data. You get a real-time view into trends affecting health and bottom-line costs. You can model actual spend vs. trend and identify further savings opportunities.

Fully-Empowered Primary Care

In WeCare TLC’s advanced medical home, clinicians spend a minimum of 20 minutes with each patient, and perform the full range of primary care services in-house, avoiding unnecessary specialty/outpatient costs. When they do refer, they communicate and hold specialists accountable.

Free Office Visits, Standard Drugs and Labs

These incentives, combined with a positive patient experience, lets WeCare TLC achieve very high participation rates.

Right Care, Right Place

WeCare TLC uses a payment model that incentivizes the most effective, appropriate care, inside the clinic and anywhere patients receive services. This also allows us to focus on producing the highest possible ROI for our clients.

Onsite, Face-to-Face Lifestyle and Disease Management

Changing behaviors and being effective depends on creating a trusting patient-clinician relationship. Our clinics use RNs to manage this very important and expensive population.

Customized Services

WeCare TLC uses a core of primary care and medical management services, but then can customize the service set based on each client’s needs.

Transparent, Accountable Business Relationship

Reports on participation, quality, cost and ROI to track performance and impact.

Startup Financing Available

WeCare TLC now offers optional financing, typically amortized over the 36 months of the first contract, to minimize the cost of opening a clinic.

Performance Guarantees

WeCare TLC is so confident in its ability to effectively manage care and cost that it will typically put a portion of its fees at risk against cost and utilization targets.

Local Clinic Oversight by WeCare TLC’s Corporate Clinicians

WeCare TLC knows there is no one more qualified to manage your clinic staff than fellow clinicians.

Permanent Staff

Doctor-patient relationship is essential in establishing a medical home. Your clinic staff will become a trusted source for lifestyle and health care issues.

Patient Advocacy Programs

When the patient does have to access their health insurance, the clinic staff guides them through the health care system assuring the patient receives appropriate, quality care.