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Medical Care At The Workplace

WeCare TLC is a medical management firm that develops and operates on-site and near-site primary care clinics for employers and other health plan sponsors. Our clinics become advanced medical homes for patients, positively influencing care and cost throughout the health care system. This approach yields significant group and occupational health savings, and improves the health and productivity of employees and their families. Our clients invest in clinics to receive a multiple return in their health plans' costs, immediately and going forward.

Explore our site to learn more about how we work and why we're among health care's fastest growing firms. We welcome hearing from you to talk in more depth about how a WeCare TLC clinic can help your business recalibrate its health plan costs and quality.

We Care Health ClinicsWhat is Medical Risk Management? And what does it have to do with the onsite clinic I want for my employees? Medical Risk Management is the identification and management of current and potential health issues so that you can save money on your health plan while increasing the health and productivity of your employee population.

What impact does that have on your future onsite clinic? The ultimate goal of making the investment in a clinic is to have it save money on your current and future health care costs. If you have anyone other than a medical risk management company managing your clinic, then you are surely not maximizing your ROI, and conversely, your employees' health and wellness.

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